Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A shot in the knee

I finally broke down, after a month of heavy duty Ibuprofen and no change to my bursitic knee. That probably isn't a word. Yet. I got a shot yesterday. It didn't really hurt, and still doesn't. Let's hope this takes care of the left knee so it can get better and carry the right knee, which is the one I normally think of as my "bad" knee. Aging is such a fun process.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April rains in May

Haven't seen the sun lately, and my yard is a swamp. The flowers look happy, where they haven't been beaten into the ground. All the blooming trees have had their petals pummeled, hope they all got pollenated before this. I only planted 2 beefy tomato plants and 2 cherry, and already lost one beefy to cut worm. Still time to get another out there. Soon it is going to be time to start trimming the new growth on the blackberries back so I can get to last years wood and this years berries. They are growing inches a day it seems. The cats are spending major time on the window sills, checking out the birds that are nesting in the porch rafters. Drives them crazy, birds and cats.