Friday, May 30, 2008

Show and Tell Friday Swans again

I really like the lines of this one, and she is floating on her own little wave!
These two appear to have been made in the same mode or cast, but the pink one has a Made in Japan stamp on the bottom. Her head is a little wider than the white one.
I like them both.

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Show and Tell

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yikes, one week later.

Ok, see, it was going to be Memorial Day weekend, so I took Friday and Tuesday off and had a 5 day week-end, so I went to see my Mommy in Springfield, MO. And I didn't blog while I was gone, and now, all of a sudden it has been a week. How the heck did that happen?

I left here Friday morning and got to Moms by about 1:30 so we rushed out to lunch at some tea house she was checking out for one of her lunch groups. I had Chicken Salad and it was good. Then I made her take me by Springfield's single CVS so I could decide if it was worthwhile getting her started. Oh My Goodness. Oh My Goodness. Again. They have the largest drugstore in the Nation. Uh Huh. I am now very jealous. Here it was, the end of the month and they still had all the monthly deals fully stocked.

Denise and James came over to drop off Angel, their little black poodle, and we had dinner and I talked up CVS. I had bought 6 of the ALL YOU magazines with the free Adidas deoderant coupons, so they all would get to start off with $9.98 in ECB's. Off we went. James and Denise each did 3 purchases, because they were going to be gone the rest of the week-end, and Mom did 2, ending up with $9.38 ECB's.

We went back the next day and grew her ECB's to around $26 with about a $5 oop so she made over $12 and got all the stuff below. She is going back today to use some of her ECB's to buy a small travel hairdryer, because the one she has at home is too bulky. She is picking up Denise and they are going to spend all of James' ECB's and let his card go, and just keep Denise going. Good for her!

Angel was very well behaved for us, and slept with Mom at night. She knew this was a doggy bed, even if Gabriel thinks it is a toy box. She just scratched around until she had a spot big enough for her! Cute!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Pinky Peach Swans- Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

Most of these have no marks, but the 2nd from the bottom is identical in shape if not size to a McCoy swan. The big one in the back left would not have been a napkin holder, but I think the rest of them would have worked! Isn't it interesting how many representative shapes and poses there are for this particular bird?
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back on Ebay

I just listed 5 book auctions, after taking way too long a break. I do get burnt out on it, so all that has sold the last 3 weeks have been items out of my store, no auctions. Time to get back at it though. I have all the clothes on sale, 25% off. What ever doesn't sell by the end of the month is getting pulled and sent to the consignment shops. Wonder what they would think about this 70's baby? Flared legs and all. You can click on the image below to go to the auction.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Deal of the Week- CVS 5/18

This month at CVS the Tums QuikPak is on sale for $4.69 and gives back $4.69 in ECBS. In Sundays Newspaper, there was a coupon for $1 off, and a rebate form to get your money back.

Spend 3.69 plus tax, get $4.69 ECB and get a rebate of $4.69 for the cost of a .42 stamp. $5.27 profit.

The Almay eyeshadow in this week's ad is 6.99 and there was a $1 coupon in the paper, and you get back $5 ECB so it really only costs .99. Limit of 2.

You could buy the Tums and 2 Almay. 18.67 total, minus $3 off of 15, and$2 in coupons=$13.67 and get back $14.69 in ECB's and the rebate. Not too bad.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard sale- clothes

Ever since I was very young, my Mom and I have shopped yard sales and thrift shops. Once the weather gets warm enough the season starts and I am planning my attack . Getting up early to hit the ones that start at 7:00, before they get picked over, and now my friend Karen goes with me. I mostly concentrate on books which I read and then resell on Ebay, or just sell or trade on Bookmooch. Yesterday I bought some clothes for ME! Some embroidered hippy jeans, which were actually new with tags, but still said Hippy to me. I also got some coral waders, and they both fit perfectly. I love it when that happens. Maybe, if I can remember, I will document my yardsale finds with pictures and totals on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for joining me!

Here is a picture of Anna's Graduation party, I am in the black and red, next to the Ph. D., and her father is on the other side. He is already back in Russia, and I know she misses him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Show and Tell Friday- Lioness Picture

I am skipping the swans this week, because I thought we were supposed to show something we made ourselves for show and tell this time.
This is one of my cross-stitch projects, back before I started wearing tri-focals! I stitched the mat out of plastic canvas because I wanted to to play with the shape. I love this Mama Lion's expression. This cub is wearing her out! I did this about 11 years ago and still love it. I went crazy for a couple of years there and did cross-stitch pictures for every member of my family, and I come from a large family. I have an unfinished one of a wolf that I would like to give to a friend of mine, if I could get my eyes to focus long enough.

I will be back with more swans next week!

Show and Tell

Monday, May 12, 2008

Deal of the Week-CVS 5/11

The deal of the week is at CVS. In Sundays paper, the Smart Source Coupon insert had a $9.99 coupon for the FreeStyle Lite Glucose Monitor. It is a special this week at CVS, $10 and giving back $10 ECB's.

Colgate Total Toothpaste is $2.99 and giving back $2.00 ECB's. The same magazine from WalMart that gave us the free ADIDAS coupon last week also has a $1.50 coupon for the toothpaste. I had three of them so get the limit on the ADIDAS deoderant.

10 for Glucose Monitor
5.98 for 2 toothpastes
=15.98 -9.99 -3= $2.99 Out of Pocket and you get back a $10 ECB and a $4 ECB. $11 profit.

I will be donating my Glucose Monitor to the local Elder Care facility.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graduation and Booda Litter Boxes

I was invited to a graduation today, for one of my ex-student workers. Her name is Anna and she is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is getting her PHD in Political Science. She is currently teaching at Austin Peay in Clarksville,Tennessee. It will be very nice to see her again, and her father is here from Russia and that is exciting!

I was out at the yard sales again this morning and came across a Booda Cat litter box. It has a dome top and a little stairwell to the side. I set it up in the doorway, and they have all been in it so far, scratching away. Maybe it will be enough of a distraction, break who ever is mis-pooping out of that nasty habit.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blue Swans- Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

My blue swans, of varying hues and sizes. The largest is a Niloak, and unfortunately there is a chip out of the back, near the lowest point of her tail, on the inside. It doesn't hurt for display purposes, but does affect the value. While photographing these, I remembered when I started gathering the small ones.
I had a collection of W. S. George petalware for my dishes, and I thought the small swans, in their corresponding pastel colors, would make neat napkin holders with the plates. I would accordian pleat the napkins, fold them in half, and stick them in the small swan vases. Then I could place the swans in the center of the top dish and TA DA! Unfortunately, I stored the plates on a shelf that one day came smashing down and broke most of them. Sigh.
I still think lots of the smaller swans would make neat napkin holders, I just don't have the right dishes to set a table with them.

Show and Tell

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is the snack time line-up. I shake the bag and yell SNACKS! They come running and line up on the bed. I make them stand up to take the tiny little things out of my hand. I say each of their names and the girls wait their turn, but him--NOT. He is always reaching up trying to knock it out of my hand.
Jean-Claude, Sassy and Mica

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Azalea, 2 + 1=3

3 blooms now on the azalea. The iris are all opening up. I have solid light purple, purple and darker violet, white, yellow, ruffled blue and a burgundy and cream. There was a pink one, but it doesn't bloom every year. I hope to see it this year, but it comes on later in the season. The woodland phlox is blooming and has somehow morphed into a light very pale blue and the darker blue. Same patch, just different colors. I am thrilled! The dames rocket is starting to blossom also, and it always smells so good. The lilac is pretty much done, but the peonies are full of buds. Yeah! It is raining today, but I will try and get some good pictures as soon as the water stops falling from the sky.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm not sure exactly what is going on here. I had to move a litter box to the living room earlier this year because someone, I am not sure who, was pooping in front of the door to the side room. I now have the litter box there, and clean it every day. Honestly.
The last few days I have had to come in through the back door, because someone, I am not sure who, is pooping in front of the front door, so that it gets smooshed into the carpet as I open the door. This is not good. This is stinky. This is a carpet that is going to come up anyhow, and I am tempted to just cut this section out and burn it. What causes them to do this?
I am a little bit aggravated. I think I will go to some yard sales.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Frankoma Swans

These are my only living Frankoma Swans. I used to have a black one also, but he was sitting in the garden window, and some cat decided he needed that space for a nap. Frankie did not survive the fall from the window. I don't know why that black swan was a male, because the rest of my swans are all female. Hmmm.

Frankoma pottery is made in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It is a red clay base and you can usually see it through the glaze. The older pieces are collectible, I don't know about these guys. I know they miss their brother.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Face Book

What am I, a socialite? No. But I did create a Facebook entry and you can be my friend! Or not. It may be a way to keep in touch with all my younger family members though. And one not so young one, so far! You know who you are!