Monday, November 24, 2008

It is time for a break!

Thanksgiving break!
I listed a few more auctions and played with the kitties. Packed up some books to take to the post office on my way out of town tomorrow. I am going to see my Mommy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meat loaf and pineapple upside down cake.

Ok, I was in a mood. A kitchen mood. I made my mini meatloafs and an upside down cake. I will be taking it in to work tomorrow. The meatloaf are in the freezer, except for the one for tomorrows lunch. I am heading over to Karen's tonight, then work tomorrow and I am done till Dec. 1st!

I will be heading to Mom's on Tuesday, and we will be working on her blogging and photo uploading skills so that she can keep us updated on her trip to Italy with Brian. I don't know what else she has in store for me. Always something though. Sometime, in the not too distant future, I will be there when she needs me.

I am really looking forward to the girls week-end in Eureka Springs for her 75th birthday! Jennifer has her plane tickets and is getting into Springfield at 10 pm. Friday night. Saturday morning we pick-up Denise and head south. 12-6 pm there is a cookie tour of 12 bed and breakfasts, and then there is a Christmas choral concert that evening. Sunday we have church at the only Catholic Church in the country that you enter through the Bell Tower. (Eureka Springs is very hilly) Afternoon we turn into spa nuts, facials and whatever. We will check out the lights Sunday night and do some shopping Monday before we leave town. We will be back in Springfield for birthday cake and ice cream!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keeping in touch

I spent another 2.5 hours in the dentist chair today while they sawed/drilled off two more crowns and cleaned out the decay and all that other stuff they do. I have a temporary crown on and will be wearing it through Thanksgiving, dang it. One more visit to seat the new crowns and I am done! Till my February cleaning appointment anyway.

I just got an email today from my cousin, Debra Van de Taeye who just joined Facebook. Shortly thereafter I got one from Gene Ciancio, her Uncle. Haven't seen him in years. I remember when I was in grade school he was Mr. Cool. He still is. His profile picture is him in the water being kissed by two dolphins.

I am really enjoying checking Facebook daily and seeing what my nieces and nephews and in-laws and out-laws are doing. Even Brian. Where are you, #7?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cats and Dogs and Laser pointers

Just before I left for Matt's by way of Mom's last week, I had picked up a laser thingy to play with the cats. Jean-Claude and Mica love it and will go up the wall after it. Sassy looks at them like they are crazy, but I figure it is a great way for them to get some exercize. I took it with me on the trip.

Mom's Honey was just like my babies, she loved to chase the little red light. Gabriel didn't get it.

Matt's cat Bubba didn't get it. Adam and Megan's cat Jester did. And you know who else did?

Thor. He wasn't what you would call fast. Or coordinated. He has a tendency to fall over. But he got it. He was going to get it. He wanted to get it. Dang it.