Friday, September 9, 2011

Hank and Merlin, my first two cats.

Hank was my first cat.

He was an orange tabby people lover.

He was gregarious and a talker. I was still going to school

and working, so I thought I would get another cat to keep him company.

For his one year birthday.
I went back and got his sister, same momma, next litter.
Merlin was a beautiful dilute tortoiseshell.

Hank was horrified! Hissed at me, hissed at her, was totally obnoxious.

I put Merlin in the bathroom to keep her safe, and

I called my baby sister to come down and
be Merlin's mommy, so that Hank would calm down. This was my

first kitty integration and I wasn't sure what I was doing.

After several days she called me at
work to let me know that they were cuddled up together on the
papason chair, sleeping. It Worked! He was always MY cat,
and Merlin was HIS

(Hank's) cat. It wasn't till 11 or 12 years later,

after he died, that Merlin became MY cat.
She was such a snuggler.

I still miss them both.