Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heaps of books.

I have been going through boxes and boxes and more boxes of  books, and pulling out some to take to trade in at the used book store, some for the yard sale and still way too many that I think I want to keep.  I sold a couple of boxes tonight on Ebay, but that doesn't make a dent in what I have.  This is truly my addiction.  I could never read all of them, even at a book a day and reading till I hit 100 years old.  I will keep most of the resource material, but the fiction needs draconian measures.  Too bad I am such a pussycat.  Meow.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mowed down the cherry trees.

I had posted them on freecycle and had a couple of takers, but just mowed down the rest of them.  Baby trees, murdered.  I managed to get almost the whole yard mowed, and just in time, because I am planning on going to Mom's for most of the week.  Leaving Monday morn and coming back on Thursday.  I am sure it will all need mowing again, with all the rain we have had.  Photographed a bunch of clothes today and will get them cropped and uploaded tonight, so I can list away tomorrow.  I had a bunch of little ants in the house this past week, so finally went and got some Terro traps and bait.  Can't hardly find an ant right now.  I am sure the water drove them inside.  I get spiders all the time, but rarely ants in the house.  They are a problem in the shed though.