Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sassy wasn't okay.

I have avoided writing this for awhile.  I took Sassy in for her annual check up in late January, and Dr. Parton found a lump in her tummy.  We did exploratory surgery and there was an ugly mass coming from her pancreas and traveling up the the blood flow outside of her intestine.  It was about 6 inches long and alien looking.  He called me while she was still on the table. At the time he said he was 90% sure that it was cancer and if I wanted, he would euthanize her on the table.  We talked, and he said the only thing that had him puzzled was the fact that she had gained weight in the last few months.  We decided to go ahead and send it off and give her a chance.  Of course, it was cancer and the week before the results came back was miserable for both of us.  She wouldn't eat, and had to be syringe fed.  She wouldn't drink.  She didn't want to be cuddled.  In hindsight, I wish she hadn't had to live through the last week. 
Below, pictures of Sassy and Shadow, and Sassy and Mica.