Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you ready for a new year?

I am trying. Really.

  1. I went through my canned goods cubboard, threw out stuff that was too old or that I really wasn't going to use.
  2. I made salmon patties and deviled eggs.
  3. I listed 8 sets of books on Ebay.
  4. I loaded up two laundry baskets of clothes and got them to the car. I never made it out of my slippers today. Didn't go anywhere.
  5. I did trip over Mica and now she is hiding from me. I teased her out to do a physical check, make sure I didn't hurt her, but she is back hiding now.
  6. I pulled a box of clothes out of the shed and sorted for spring to take to the consignment shop.
  7. I talked to Matthew on Skype, hoping Jon would check in before his flight. He didn't. Sigh.
  8. ---I drank 5 cans of Mt. Dew. Don't tell anyone, ok?----

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walgreens Deal

My couponing forums were talking about the SoyJoy bars going on sale, Buy 1 get one free, and I knew I had some coupons expiring soon, so here is my deal.

4 soyjoy- B1G1 Free, and 2 B1G1 Free coupons, =free
2 Detour bars, B1G1 free and 1 B1G1 free coupon =free
green plastic tray, 75% off Christmas=.49
Hershey dark mint kisses, 75% off Christmas =.62 each -$1.50 coupon=.36 total
Chapstick Natural 2.99- 1 coupon and 1 Register reward = .99

I used a $2 register reward from last week and paid .98 out of pocket. I will be sending for a $2.99 rebate on the Chapstick.

Jean-Claude seems interested in the mints!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It is 70 degrees out there!

Not what you would expect between Christmas and New Years! It is going to drop back down into the 30's tonight and then waffle between 40-50 early next week. Craziness. Should dry out some and I might actually get some yard work done. Who would have thunk it?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mom's 75th birthday.

Mommy has a birthday.

I know. I am running a little behind here. Last week-end Jennifer, Denise and I took our Mom to Eureka Springs for her Birthday. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and Saturday we went on a Sweet Treats tour of 11 B&B's to sample their Christmas Cookies. We each got two cookies and recipes at each stop. We walked to some, took the trolley to others, and finally drove to the last few. It wasn't quite what we envisioned, but it gave us a nice look at the town. We went to a Christmas Chorale that evening. Sunday, after an enormous and delicious breakfast, we headed for St. Elizabeths for Mass, only to find out that I had picked a non-existent Mass to attend. We walked down to the church and were able to go in as Mass ended.

It is a very cute church, entered through the Bell Tower. We proceeded to the downtown, where Mom and Jennifer had mineral baths and a eucalyptus steam before we all proceeded next door for our facials. Once again, not exactly what we were expecting, but relaxing anyway. We then went back to the B & B and parked the car and waited for our trustworthy Trolley Man to pick us up and take us back downtown to shop. I did most of the buying somehow. Not sure how that worked out. We had wonderful meals and and enjoyable time, though Denise and Mom worried a bit about the nasty weather coming in Monday morning. We made it home fine and I had no trouble till it came time to pull onto Mom's street. Kind of slid past it and had to take the next one. Slid a bit there also. I didn't hit anything though, and we were glad to park the car.

Jon was there to greet us. Mom wanted Mini-meatloafs and bread pudding for her birthday dinner, so we went shopping and Jeff and his family came over to celebrate. Jeff made the home-made ice cream.

Happy 75th Mom!!