Friday, October 22, 2010


Sassy lost 2/10 of a pound in the last two weeks.  She didn't like the canned food the vet sent home with us and she didn't like the taste of the stuff in the syringe that I was supposed to give her every day for five days.  She threw it up both times I tried.  They ran a pretty complete bloodwork on her and everything came back "boring" my Vet said, which means within normal ranges.  Through the process of elimination he has decided she has an irritable bowel and we are starting on a course of Prednisolone.  Half a pill twice a day for a week, and then I am supposed to let him know how things are going.  It's a good thing she is easy to pill.  Not like the youngsters.  They hate it!  He sent home a sample of dry food that is the same as the canned and glory be, she likes it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slow and lazy week and Mica

I decided to give my back a break and have been doing some cooking (Lasagna) and reading this week.  I did have to take some boxes to the post office, but I haven't been moving them all over the place here at home.  I do plan on spending some time in the shed tomorrow, figuring out a better layout for the shelves so that I can get to stuff even when the lawnmower is tucked away. 
I haven't talked about Mica much, but she is a gorgeous tortoiseshell with some strange personality quirks.  She has a crackly Meow and has had since she was a baby.  She loves a cell phone and will come whenever I pull it out to talk or text.  She will get right up in my face.  She also loves the plastic caps off of my Mt. Dew and will suddenly appear when I open one up.  I try to hide them from her but she will fish them out of wherever I put them.  She  loves to play volleyball with little wads of paper that I trim off of my shipping labels.  She and Jean-Claude will bat them all over the place, but she will leap to bat them in air before they hit the ground.  She has a fluffy coat with an undercoat that her brother doesn't have.  Unfortunately, more hair means hairballs.  She does love to be brushed, but sometimes I think that just causes more shedding.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yard sale and freecycle

Didn't get rid of enough in the yardsale yesterday so I put in two offers on Freecycle, one for the books and one for some kitchen appliances.  They should be gone by 1:00 today.  I did take two boxes of books to the Herrin Library last night and I have two bags of clothes to take to the Pantry on Tuesday.
Karen and Sherri came over Friday night and helped me get set up, thank goodness!  I am going to take some fall and winter suits to the Consignment shop, and some of the other clothes will get packed up for my store. 
Sassy still hasn't bounced back the way I wanted, so I am calling the Vet in the morning and will be taking her in for some blood work.  She won't be happy about that!
She's the middle one, licking her chops while waiting for snacks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interesting week so far. Murphy visits.

My refrigerator stopped cooling over the weekend and I took items I wished to save to Karen's.  Sassy was sick and I had an appointment for her Monday morning, ( she is still in isolation in my bathroom.)  Then I packed up the freezer items and took them to Karen's so I could defrost mine and see if that solved the problem before I called out a mechanic.  I then went to Faner and visited some people, dropped a book off for a friend and picked up some farm eggs from Terri.  Had my massage and adjustment, then back to Karen's for DWTS.  Tuesday I get home and check on Sassy, then try to go on line and my modem is bad.  I call Verizon/Frontier and they get a new one in the mail.  Meanwhile I still need to print out packing slips and postage for Ebay auctions, so back to Karens I go.  Sassy is still alone, and getting medicine twice a day.  The refrigerator gets plugged in and seems to be cooling.  I try to go into log some of the recent receipts into my budget program, but my computer won't turn on.  Sigh.
I take my computer tower to Happy Toms in Energy and they replace the power button.  I pick it up Wed. afternoon after taking the remaining two cats in for their yearly check-up.and go to Karens to watch the rescue of the miners and pickup some of my food. 
Thursday morning the modem is delivered, I hook up my computer and still can't turn it on.  Back to Happy Toms we go.  I need a new power supply.  He replaces it while I wait and it only costs $31.  Yippee!  I get it home and it works!  Now I have to get going on all these boxes of books that I was supposed to be working on this week, so I can put the culls out in the yardsale on Saturday. 
But first I am going back for another Massage and adjustment.  Long week already.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sassy is sick.

Just got back from the vet.  Sassy weighs just 5.48 pounds, down a pound from last year and down 2 pounds from 2 years ago.  She has been having loose stools and not using the litter box.  We put her on a special food and two different medications and if she does not get better in a couple of days we will be doing some bloodwork on her.  Even if she does get better we will be going in for a weight check up in a few weeks.  I got the carrier out this morning and opened the door before I went to get her from the bathroom, where I am keeping her isolated.  When I came back out to put her in, Jean-Claude was already in it.  Trying to get her in and him out at the same time.  Priceless.  I knew if I let go of her I would never catch her again in time for the appointment.  Everything has to be about Jean-Claude.  He is a primadonna.  I did make the kids appointment for Wednesday for their yearly check-up.  They are just over 3 years old now.

Eggs and Cats

I decided to add this picture of my two eggs, the one on the left from a friend who has chickens, and the one on the right an EGGLAND organic egg.   Look at the difference between those two yolks!  Guess where I will be getting my eggs from now on.

Here we have pictures of the same cat bed, at different times of the day.  There are two others, but this seems to be the overall favorite.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MRI's are noisy.

I had my first MRI today, of my right knee.  I had headphones on with NPR but it was just background noise because the machine was so NOISY.  Have to wait till sometime tomorrow to see what we do next. Massage and adjustment this afternoon, then some packages to the post office.  Bid, people, bid!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Construction

I had to get to SAMs today for cat food, litter and large padded envelopes.  They are widening the road from 4 lane to 6 lane and major construction right at the entrance, so you had to drive around and come in the back way.  Why do we need 6 lanes in little old Marion, IL?  Because the Mall is right there and there is no busier place around.  I get my hair cut at that mall, and I sometimes go into Target, but that is a real danger zone for me.  I can walk out of Wal-mart with only items on my shopping list, but Target nabs me everytime. Other than that, I have no use for a mall. Maybe I will walk there this winter, before it opens.
I went to see the Dr. today about my right knee and we are scheduling a MRI to see what's catching. 
Putting the trash out tonight, one barrel.  Got my first 6 auctions written up for next Sunday, 14 to go!  I made some sweet and sour chicken tonight, with rice.  Yum.  I think I am going to freeze it for later because I don't want any more this week.  I am going to make my fruited chicken salad and use up the greens before they go slimy.  I did finish all the potato salad and have a couple more hard boiled eggs to eat.  Need to boil my last two ears of corn and eat them up.  I think I will make some Salmon patties to round out the week.  I am trying to clean out the refrigerator and transition to fall foods--it was in the low 30's last night!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am up too late.

Went to Karen's to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight.  I am ready for Mr. Situation to go home.  Had my massage and adjustment today and am going back tomorrow to see Dr. about my right knee, which continues to have a catch in it.  Had to check on my auctions and see what was happening on facebook, so thought I better pop in here and make a few notes.  I am tickled that this item has a bid, and hope it isn't going to be a costume of some sort!  I think I am going to go back to listing about 20 auctions on Sunday evening and letting the weekday ones go.  I just seem to get better bids on Sunday.  I am experimenting with free shipping on some of the auctions I put up last night.  I want to see if they really do get more bids.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October '10 goals--Cut down on trash!

My goals this month are going to be cutting down on the trash I put out for pickup and not throwing away any food!  I normally only put out one 33 gallon trash bin every other week, but with the cleaning out the house program I am on it has been one or two containers a week.  I still have lots to take to the recycling and I took some stuff to the pantry yesterday.  It is very disheartening to see what people put out EVERY trash day.  It scares me somewhat, that we are such a wasteful society.  If I didn't keep my cats indoors I wouldn't have the resulting kitty litter disposal problem, but I also would be burying them too soon.  Been there, done that.  I guess I could stop feeding them! 
I am also going to make an effort to avoid items with so much additional packaging, when I can.  Cardboard I can deal with because it is recyclable but that plastic is a killer, and no place around here recycles foam.
A friend of mine has chickens and I can send her the egg cartons to reuse.  Which reminds me, I had two of her eggs left and boiled them and some organic eggs from Kroger.  Boy was it obvious which were which when I sliced them.  The pale yellow egg yolks from Kroger just don't compare.  I am going to try and get all my eggs from her from now on.  And I paid premium price for those store eggs!
I used three of them in my potato salad and will devil the last 4.  Had to use up some potatoes that were getting a little soft!  I used mustard, Mom, so you wouldn't like it!