Friday, January 21, 2011

Sassy back to normal, Mica has an accident.

Sassy has done her course of prednisdone and is back to a healthy weight and behaving normally, for her!  I took all three cats to my Mom's for two weeks at Thanksgiving, and again at Christmas.  At Thanksgiving Mica and Jean-Claude were all over the place and adapted well.  Sassy never left the bedroom.  We lost Mica a few times because it turns out that she is an investigator.  Open a door and she has to check it out.  I found her several times locked up in the linen closet.  No one remembered when they opened the door last, but she just slept and never made a sound, even when I called for her repeatedly.  Brat.  We also had to pull the dryer out once because she ended up behind it somehow.  At Christmas Sassy would come out when it was just Mom and I at home.  She even jumped up on Mom's lap a couple of times.

Mica was up to her old tricks, ducking into closets.  Mom and I were getting ready to go look at some open houses, and she opened the hall closet to get her coat.  As she was closing the door I saw Mica dart in.  She opened it back up and Mica came charging out.  I looked down and saw some fur on the floor and asked Mom what it was.  She said she didn't know, and I said I though it looked like part of Mica's tail.  She said "No." and bent down to pick it up.  Then she screamed "It is!" and I went after Mica.  She never cried, and there was no blood, but she hid under the bed and I had to fish her out.   The skin had retracted and left the bone hanging out, so off we went to the Emergency Vet.  It had missed the bone, but because of the exposure they went ahead and took off several inches of her tail.  Stitches came out yesterday and she seems fine, just looking a little funny.  We will all get used to it soon.