Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keeping in touch

I spent another 2.5 hours in the dentist chair today while they sawed/drilled off two more crowns and cleaned out the decay and all that other stuff they do. I have a temporary crown on and will be wearing it through Thanksgiving, dang it. One more visit to seat the new crowns and I am done! Till my February cleaning appointment anyway.

I just got an email today from my cousin, Debra Van de Taeye who just joined Facebook. Shortly thereafter I got one from Gene Ciancio, her Uncle. Haven't seen him in years. I remember when I was in grade school he was Mr. Cool. He still is. His profile picture is him in the water being kissed by two dolphins.

I am really enjoying checking Facebook daily and seeing what my nieces and nephews and in-laws and out-laws are doing. Even Brian. Where are you, #7?

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seven of seven said...

I don't wannooo. I don't wannoooo facebook. too much information. i'm an old lady already. i don't wannnooooooo.