Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you ready for a new year?

I am trying. Really.

  1. I went through my canned goods cubboard, threw out stuff that was too old or that I really wasn't going to use.
  2. I made salmon patties and deviled eggs.
  3. I listed 8 sets of books on Ebay.
  4. I loaded up two laundry baskets of clothes and got them to the car. I never made it out of my slippers today. Didn't go anywhere.
  5. I did trip over Mica and now she is hiding from me. I teased her out to do a physical check, make sure I didn't hurt her, but she is back hiding now.
  6. I pulled a box of clothes out of the shed and sorted for spring to take to the consignment shop.
  7. I talked to Matthew on Skype, hoping Jon would check in before his flight. He didn't. Sigh.
  8. ---I drank 5 cans of Mt. Dew. Don't tell anyone, ok?----

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Aaron and Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great day to me! I have been off since 12/24 and I started and completed a scrapbook, started and completed an afghan for my future nephew (Aaron's sister is due in May), and not a whole lot else! By far the most relaxing vacay ever! I checked out Granny and Brian's blog, at least she got one picture of herself up there on her own!