Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's the economy, doofus!

I have been disappointed lately with my box lot auction results. I was wondering if it was because I was starting them too early or too late? Wrong day? Would free shipping help? None of the above. I was hoping that people would be more likely to check out Ebay in the downturn of the economy, but now I think people just aren't buying, period. How has this been affecting you? Are you still buying whatever you want? Are you worried about your job, or are you in a comfortable place?

I thought I was, preparing for retirement in 16 months and thinking I had it under control, but now this! A quote from the linked article.

"The governor’s proposal would hit certain retirees even harder. For a retiree who is not yet old enough to qualify for Medicare, premiums would rise from $12.98 per month to an average of about $582 per month."

Now, that is a lot of moolah.

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