Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sassy gets a shot.

Sassy had her check up yesterday, so I spent $40.  She weighs .1 of a pound less than last year.  Pretty consistent.  Skinny little girl.  I also put $26 worth of gas in the car today, but got 29 mpg so that's not bad.  I need to get some cat food and kitty litter tomorrow.  Joy.  I had tuna salad and triscuits for lunch with an orange for a chaser.  Ate bacon and pancakes for dinner.  I have spaghetti for lunch tomorrow, and need to remember to take some more oatmeal to work.  I am making some scalloped corn, because I love it as a side.   I do need to come up with something to do with all the tomato sauce.  Off to recipe hunt!

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