Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mowed down the cherry trees.

I had posted them on freecycle and had a couple of takers, but just mowed down the rest of them.  Baby trees, murdered.  I managed to get almost the whole yard mowed, and just in time, because I am planning on going to Mom's for most of the week.  Leaving Monday morn and coming back on Thursday.  I am sure it will all need mowing again, with all the rain we have had.  Photographed a bunch of clothes today and will get them cropped and uploaded tonight, so I can list away tomorrow.  I had a bunch of little ants in the house this past week, so finally went and got some Terro traps and bait.  Can't hardly find an ant right now.  I am sure the water drove them inside.  I get spiders all the time, but rarely ants in the house.  They are a problem in the shed though.

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