Saturday, October 11, 2008

c'dale library book sale

I went to the Carbondale Library book sale this morning. I bought a couple of bags of books, and may go back tomorrow for the 1/2 price sale. I found a nice Reader's Digest edition of Carl Sandburg's Lincoln, illustrated and with its dust jacket. That will be winding its way to Brian. I have a big stack of Barbara Cartland books up for auction..... right now. They are mostly Regency romances..... which I normally love.... but she writes with a lot of ..... breathless brainless babes..... they can't ever finish a sentence and it drives me crazy.....really.....what does anyone need commas for?

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seven of seven said...

OMG!! Have you seen Daily Coyote's new Cowboy Calendar? This is what makes America GREAT!!

More stuff, sis...more stuff!