Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Oster Blender

When I was still in the Navy, back in 1978, I went to the Hawaii State Fair and there was a man demonstrating this Commercial Oster Blender. It was stainless steel and he made it do all kinds of tricks and I had to have one. Had to. So I bought one. I still have it and it still does tricks. However, I can no longer get the bottom off. Someone much stronger than me probably could. Maybe.
Last week at the Salvation Army I found a box with three small Oster blender thingys. I bought them and once I got them home I realized that I couldn't use them because I could not get the ring off my Stainless Steel container. I went on Amazon and found some Oster parts so I ordered the crushing blade and sealing ring and the cap. They came today and they work!

This blender was not cheap, I think I spent $149 back then, but I have used it for 30 years and I think that is a pretty fair return, don't you?

Grasshopper, anyone?

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