Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today was my coupon maximizing day for the week and I went to CVS, Schnucks, and Walgreens. The photos are being cut off here for some reason, but they are clickable to see the whole haul!

At CVS I did 4 transactions, spent 3.20 total and yes, I already ate one of the snickers bars.

1 Fructis shampoo/conditioner
3 Snickers Bars
2 double packs ZipLock freezer bags
8 Atkins bars
8 can pack of SlimFast
2 Kleenex w/lotion
1 Pepcid Complete
1 Mylanta
2 NasoGels

At Walgreens I spent $15.33, but will be getting 10.99 back in a Walgreens rebate and 8 back in a Bayer rebate. Purchased

1 Revlon blush
3 Mountain Dew's (fillers)
2 Bayer Heart Advantage
1 Bayer regular
3 Fructis shampoo/conditioner
1 Alka Seltzer Plus
1 Dimetapp
2 Centrum Vitamins

At Schnucks I spent 15.72 and purchased

2 Totino's Pizza Rolls
6 Progresso Soups
4 Betty Crocker Potatoes
3 Fuze drinks
4 Fruit Naturals
8 Temptation snacks for the cats ( on clearance)

So Total I spent $34.14, but will be getting 19.99 back, for a revised total of $15.15 out of pocket. The cashiers at all three stores were impressed!

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