Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 is running down--long live 2010

I have a new project for the new year. Well, for January anyhow. I am going to eat out of my pantry. Oh, Yeah. I took a box of food to the Herrin Pantry earlier today, now I am going to whittle it down, day by day, myself. I know I have lots of tuna, salmon and spaghetti sauce. Lots of pasta, and the freezer is full of chicken. I don't drink much milk, and would love to make some bread. I think all I am going to have to buy is fruit and veggies and eggs. I am trying this week to cut way back on the soda. After each soda I have to drink a large glass of water before the next. Maybe two glasses of water next week. We will see. It would be fun if other members of my family joined in..hint, hint.

My goals for the month--
1. clean out cubboards and refrigerator
2. stay out of the grocery store except for freebies, fruit, fresh veggies and eggs
3. spend less than $50 on food for the month
4. take food to work all month, no eating out

Off to do an inventory!

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