Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I eliminated my inventory on Bookmooch last month when I went to spend time with Mom. I just started listing books back on there this week, and I have already taken 41 of the 100 books I listed to the Post Office and still have 6 more to ship later this week. I have spent over $75 in postage. I think the reason they are going so fast is that I didn't list any that had a lot already in other peoples inventory, and most of them were on the wishlists of several people. I have books going to Australia, Japan, Bhutan, Canada and England. Now I just have to mooch the books that are going to translate into cash on Ebay. The only way that seems to work is if they complete sets that I have already got going. Those books are usually easy to find on Bookmooch. I have started listing on Ebay again, after about a 6 week break. That seems to be working out fairly well. I have been doing quite a bit of research during this week of break. Not reading much myself though!

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