Friday, September 10, 2010

Pricing for a Yard Sale!

I did get about 6 BIG boxes of stuff priced and out to the shed this week.  I am storing the boxes of books in the front foyer and everything else out to the shed.  I picked up a Lenox vase/bowl in the Holiday holly pattern today for a$1 and I can't find it anywhere online so i don't know what to start it at.  I let Mica stay in the shot so you could see the size of it.  It has been raining/misting since last night so I have been working inside. Hope to get ahead of the game and have some auctions sheduled to go up throughout the week by Sunday night. 

I had another massage this morning and am still very tight through the shoulders and back.  I haven't been icing like I should, because Ice is COLD.  Dang it.

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