Thursday, September 16, 2010

The yard sale is a go!

Put my ad in the paper today, so it's a go.  It's going to be hotter than I like, but I need to get this stuff moving.  Shipped the jacket to Australia today, and 4 other packages went out in the mail.  I am feeling pretty good, since this is only a couple of weeks into the retirement and I am actually accomplishing what I set out to do.  I am culling out my pottery collection, which is a toughy.  I'm keeping most of the McCoy, and all the swans, but the rest will need to find new homes.  I'll try to take some pictures after I get the tables set up on Saturday.
I have a massage and adjustment tomorrow at 10:30, but then I will be in yardsale mode.  Have to pick up some change and put out my signs.  I have most everything priced that needs to be priced. 

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