Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I had two loads of dirt brought in today, to the tune of $140, and then paid my neighbor Ryan $20 to spread it around. The roots to my two large maples that shade my house on the west were so far out of the ground that Ryan was hitting them with his mower. This has always been the low spot in my yard, the last spot to dry out after the spring rains. I won't be seeding it until September, so it will have plenty of time to settle in. My neighbors in the back have offered me the use of their tiller, so I plan on completely redoing my back garden, which was originally supposed to be an herb garden, laid out in a geometric shape. Somehow the blackberries, garlic, and walnut volunteers have taken it over. I want it back. I want to rebuild my compost thingy and go organic, but that isn't working with my fruit trees. The crabapples are all wormy and will take a lot of picking apart to get the good stuff for jelly. The peaches actually look better this year than they have ever looked, but they weren't sprayed, so will be buggy also. I have never had this many, and I think someone must have planted a peach tree nearby that is pollinating mine. I didn't get a single cherry this year, birds beat my to it. I am, however, making blackberry muffins to take to work tomorrow!

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