Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walgreens and Planters Peanuts!

Great deal this week at Walgreens. They have their planters peanuts on sale 2 for $5. There is a Catalina deal where you get a $6.50 coupon if you buy 5. There are $3 coupons printables good on the peanuts when you buy 3 kraft items. There is also a monthly rebate of $5 when you buy $15 worth of selected Kraft products. So, I bought 5 peanuts, 3 jars and 2 cans, for $12.50. I then got 3 Triscuits and one Ritz Crackers, which I use with my Tuna Salad, and they were also 2 for $5. So $22.50, - 4x $3 = $10.50 + .23 tax =10.73 Out of Pocket. A coupon for $6.50 on my next purchase printed out and I will turn in the receipt for 5.50 in rebates so I am $1.26 ahead on the deal. I will take the peanuts to the reunion in a couple of weeks, because I'm not going to eat them all by myself, but the crackers will be gone by then!

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Padan said...

Help!!!!!! We munch on lots of peanuts in our household. I almost finishsed off our mega can tonight......good source of protein.