Friday, February 24, 2012

Lazy week--Nice weather!

I went to my Mom's last weekend- and spent some time listing more auctions because EBAY had a week long listing special.  I had over 150 auctions up at one point.  Now I have just been waiting for them to end and packaging the sold items.  Last night my ST JOHN suit went for $200.  I had previously had it at a fixed price of $199.99 for several months with lots of watchers but no purchasers, so I listed it at auction for $159.99 and two people battled it back up to $200.  Funny how people's minds work when it comes to auctions.  Another woman in California has bought 3 fixed price items for a total of $99.97 but won't be paying until she gets paid on the 3rd of March.  All in all I think the EBAY promotion has helped considerably.  I will be moving all unsold vintage items over to ETSY when they end.  I may list the current items in ETSY on EBAY this spring--especially the possible wedding dress.

Well, I am out of greek yogurt, so it is off to SAMS I go.

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