Monday, February 13, 2012

little steps and a visitor

 There has been a black tom cat on my porch this last week, and he will scratch and the windows and meow at me.  This has a tendency to create a bit of a stir inside.  He is smelling like a tom cat, and if he is still around next week I am calling my vet and getting him neutered.  I don't care who he belongs to, if he is hanging out on my porch, I want him fixed.  It will be way too stinky this spring.

This is a jug of water Kefir, brewing for 
a few days.  Then I take out the kefir grains and allow it to continue to ferment for a few days, and add flavorings, like lemon or cherry concentrate or fresh cranberries, like the one pictured below.  The grains were dehydrated when I got them and it has taken a few feedings to get them going strong, but the last batch carbonated nicely.  I am using it in my smoothies.  It is full of probiotics.  I also got my old sprouter out and am giving that a go again.  It has been tucked away a long time.

Ramona is a sometimes lap kitty, but she loves to climb the ladder as much as Jean-Claude.  I love this picture of him, because it shows his chest circle!

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