Friday, May 9, 2008

Blue Swans- Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

My blue swans, of varying hues and sizes. The largest is a Niloak, and unfortunately there is a chip out of the back, near the lowest point of her tail, on the inside. It doesn't hurt for display purposes, but does affect the value. While photographing these, I remembered when I started gathering the small ones.
I had a collection of W. S. George petalware for my dishes, and I thought the small swans, in their corresponding pastel colors, would make neat napkin holders with the plates. I would accordian pleat the napkins, fold them in half, and stick them in the small swan vases. Then I could place the swans in the center of the top dish and TA DA! Unfortunately, I stored the plates on a shelf that one day came smashing down and broke most of them. Sigh.
I still think lots of the smaller swans would make neat napkin holders, I just don't have the right dishes to set a table with them.

Show and Tell


Barbara H. said...

How beautiful! And that is a great idea about using them to hold napkins. That's too bad about the broken plates!

Jaderocks said...

Sorry about the broken plates. That would be a great idea using the small ones as napkin holder. Very pretty swans.

A Hint of Home said...

All of your swans are very pretty. They make a neat collection.

MammyT said...

I love the swans, as usual. I have a huge set of W.S. George that I bought at a resale shop and am using for my "everyday dishes".
they are in the "Irish Rose" pattern.

Tiffany said...

I love when I see people using something in a way that is other than it's intended purpose. So creative!T~