Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Azalea, 2 + 1=3

3 blooms now on the azalea. The iris are all opening up. I have solid light purple, purple and darker violet, white, yellow, ruffled blue and a burgundy and cream. There was a pink one, but it doesn't bloom every year. I hope to see it this year, but it comes on later in the season. The woodland phlox is blooming and has somehow morphed into a light very pale blue and the darker blue. Same patch, just different colors. I am thrilled! The dames rocket is starting to blossom also, and it always smells so good. The lilac is pretty much done, but the peonies are full of buds. Yeah! It is raining today, but I will try and get some good pictures as soon as the water stops falling from the sky.

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seven of seven said...

Me thinks the azalea read the blog and decided it would be best to start bloomin'!