Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard sale- clothes

Ever since I was very young, my Mom and I have shopped yard sales and thrift shops. Once the weather gets warm enough the season starts and I am planning my attack . Getting up early to hit the ones that start at 7:00, before they get picked over, and now my friend Karen goes with me. I mostly concentrate on books which I read and then resell on Ebay, or just sell or trade on Bookmooch. Yesterday I bought some clothes for ME! Some embroidered hippy jeans, which were actually new with tags, but still said Hippy to me. I also got some coral waders, and they both fit perfectly. I love it when that happens. Maybe, if I can remember, I will document my yardsale finds with pictures and totals on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for joining me!

Here is a picture of Anna's Graduation party, I am in the black and red, next to the Ph. D., and her father is on the other side. He is already back in Russia, and I know she misses him.

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