Thursday, August 7, 2008


is still out of whack. I have it turned up all the way and it still will not freeze icecubes, so I guess I am going to call the repairman. I emptied it and took out the back panel of the freezer compartment. The fan works fine, maybe too much. It could be that the auto-defrost is stuck in the on position, but even knowing that, I don't know what to do about it. Sigh. All the meat has been tossed and the veggies are about to go. Cheese will be okay in the refrigerator. I will take my berries over to Karen's. I am having fun, can you tell?

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seven of seven said...

OMG! My BF is the *worst* about cleaning out his refrigerator. At least I thought so, until I read that you have stuff that expired in 2004! Ewwwwww, Kate!