Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No refrigerator

I waited and waited for a call last night to schedule the delivery of my refrigerator, but it never came.

After I opened up the building at work this morning I got out my receipt to find a phone number for the delivery and walked out on the landing to call, since I can't get a signal in my huge concrete monstrosity of a building. I tried right before 8 and no one answered, and no machine picked up, so I figured I would call later.

No sooner had I got back inside then 2 text messages from Karen popped up and a notice that I had a voicemail. I read the texts and assumed that the message was from Karen, so called it to listen.

It was the delivery lady calling at 7:30am, while I was still finishing off opening the building. She left a call back number, so I stepped outside again to call. She says "They will be delivering your refrigerator between 8 and 12 this morning. " I said I am sorry, but I am at work. I waited for your call last night to schedule and never heard from you. She says she called repeatedly and got no answer. (there are no missed calls from last night on my phone.) She then says they are loading up your refrigerator right now and you are first on the list so they should be there in 30 minutes. I tell her I am in Carbondale and even if I left immediately I am not sure I will be there in time. Silence on her end. I ask if they can come back later in the day. NO. I hang up and call my boss and say I am on my way in to the office to turn in my keys because I have to leave right now. He says ok, and I run inside to get my bag.

I can't find my car keys. I get all the way out to the car, which is parked in the parking garage, and my keys are not in my bag, nor are they in my ignition. Where are they? I run back into the building, hoping I left them in the drawer or on the desk, but not remembering handling them this morning. I call Karen before I get into the building, because she has a spare. She is waiting for a shot in her knee. I get back to my office, no keys. I call Karen's Dad, and ask him to bring me my spare, which Karen says is in her glove box, in her car in their garage, since she drove her Dad's car to her Doctors appointment. Are you still with me?

Karen's Uncle Dave is visiting, and is parked behind Karen's car, which is why she took her Dad's car. Her Dad looks in the glove box, finds a key, and Uncle Dave drives him to campus to give me the key. It is the wrong key. So they drive me to the office to turn in my keys and pager and paperwork, and we go back to their house to see if we can find the key or else let me take Karen's car to my house and deal with my car later. Jack goes inside to find the key to Karen's car and I get in to look for my key. I pull everything out of the glove box and find my key.

I get a call from the delivery man, he is at my house, where am I? OH, well let me call my boss and we can reschedule, he says. I am fuming. FUMING. Uncle Dave gives me a ride back to my car, and my keys are sitting on the front seat. What? Yes, on the front seat. Why today? I don't know. I thank Uncle Dave and lead him off of campus, and head home. I am not a happy camper. Miss delivery scheduler person calls me back. They don't deliver on Thursdays, they can deliver Friday morning or Saturday morning. I am not taking another day off of work for this so it is scheduled for Saturday morning.

And how was your morning?

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seven of seven said...

Ugggghh! Crapola! And, Aaaack! What a fiasco. And, to find them on your car seat must have been....well, been infuriating. I'm sorry. It seems when we are most anxious, we miss the small stuff, right?

Interestingly, tonight I had to call AAA for the first time to come out and break into my car. I left my keys on the center console and locked the door before going out for a hike!

Tee hee! Sisters do the silliest things!