Sunday, August 31, 2008

Groceries and menu planning

Now that I have my refrigerator, I had to go shopping! I wrote up a menu, sort of, first. Then I went to Sam's, but I was smart, I stopped at Taco Bell and had a taco first!
I bought a box of frozen salmon fillets, a bag of chicken breasts, a bag of cheese ravioli and a bag of sliced frozen strawberries and some fresh blueberries. I still have a big bag of walnuts and two bags of raisins, and my canned chicken from Sam's for my Chicken Salad.
I bought some Laura's boneless petite sirloin steak yesterday at Kroger and it is in the crockpot now, with some beef stock. I know that will horrify some, but I need it very tender and completely cooked. It will fall apart when I pull it out for dinner, and I will eat the last of it tomorrow. I also bought some of Laura's ground round, which I will make sloppy joe mix out of.
I will be eating Chicken Salad for lunch this week, and the Sirloin on Mon and Tue, Salmon on Wednesday, Sloppy Joe on Thursday, and then I am heading for Mom's on Friday afternoon. We will see what she feeds me! I am really looking forward to meeting Rachel and Mason and seeing Joel again. I hope Gwyn will be up so I can see them interact together. I will try to get some video to post.

Chicken Salad a la Kate
13 oz can of Sam's Premium Chunk Chicken Breast 98% fat free
1 Cup of Walnut pieces
1 Cup of raisins
Can of drained mandarin oranges
Poppyseed dressing to moisten
Mix it all up and serve on fresh Spinach.

I love this stuff!


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seven of seven said...

The chicken salad sounds great!