Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How fast can you spend money?

so the refrigerator guy was here today. Seems my capacitor had gone out, which caused my compressor to overheat which then shut everything down. He was able to get it running by replacing the starter with a hard start kit. A new compressor would cost as much as a refrigerator but he couldn't say how long this one will last, 2 hours or 2 years. I will just keep a thermometer in it and when it quits cooling again I will replace the refrigerator. Sigh. This visit only cost $125.
I have an appointment for Tuesday to start the crown on my tooth, and I am just thankful there are 3 paydays in this month!
I did get quite a few auctions listed Sunday and yesterday, so there is some extra money being generated. I am thinking about letting myself go up to the St. Louis YMCA book fair this week-end as a birthday present to myself. So there!

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