Friday, January 20, 2012

Leftovers make soup!

I put together a very tasty soup yesterday, with the leftover rice, some turkey broth, and carrots, broccoli and onion from the veggie drawer and frozen corn.  I added some parsley and oregano and  black pepper and called it good.  I still have some for lunch tomorrow, and think I will throw some cheddar on top after I heat it up.  I made some salmon patties and a cold chicken salad out of the meat and soup cabinet, but gosh there is still a lot in there! 

Here is my nephew, Matthew, modeling an Armani coat I picked up to resell. Doesn't he look dashing!  I had his wife Angie take the pictures because she is a great photographer.  I spent the afternoon with them in  St. Louis, so they could visit with their furry child, Ramona.  They are on their way to Hawaii to live and I am taking care of Ramona until they get settled. 

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