Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pantry challenge setback

Had a bit of a problem this week, my refrigerator stopped cooling again.  My water wasn't as cold as I expected and when I checked the temp in the refrigerator, it was 60 degrees.  I put everything in coolers and set it out on the front porch while I unplugged the unit.  It seems this particular refrigerator can freeze up in the back, where the air circulates between the freezer and fridge.  The freezer stuff was hard as a rock, but no air was getting up to the top.  Once it defrosts overnight, everything is fine.  Luckily it was cold enough outside to keep everything safe. 
I tossed some salad dressings and the salmon patties and miracle whip, along with some sour cream and other meats.  Not a whole lot, but I needed to get some replacements yesterday, so I ended up spending $25 at Kroger.  Still stayed below $100 for the month, so I am pretty pleased.

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