Friday, January 13, 2012

Pantry challenge update

I am doing pretty well with the challenge, haven't eaten out yet this month!  I am not doing so well at the menu planning.  My problem is that I don't usually eat a MEAL, just parts of one off and on all day long!  Right now I am making some rice, and I have some salmon marinating.  When the rice is almost done I will cook the salmon.  I will eat one salmon and some rice right away, and the other will be broken up on a salad this evening.  The rice could be used in a soup or in porcupine meatballs later.  I don't like being tied down to what to eat, because I never know what I will be in the mood for.  I think I will be better off just making a list of possible meals, and marking them off when I use up those ingredients.  I have managed to make up an inventory of the freezer, canned goods, and spice and herbs, so that helps. 
In the refrigerator, compliments of this weeks cooking, I have a tomato meat sauce, some tuna and white sauce, some tuna casserole and that will get me through the week-end, with salads already cut up and some fruit in the crisper.  I need bananas and cantaloupe from Aldi's, but that should do me for the rest of next week.

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