Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Flash

It's been happening. A lot, lately. They don't last long, and it is like a wave of heat moving up my face. If I can get in front of a fan for a few minutes, I'm fine. I don't seem to be breaking out in a sweat anywhere else but my face and head. It's very strange. I know I am supposed to be thinking of it as power surges. Humph. No night sweats yet. Hope I get to skip that symptom. Gosh that word looks funny when you spell it out. SYMPTOM. Weird.


seven of seven said...

I'm already getting them. And, I'm only 43! I do have night sweats. But, the flashes are generally just in the morning so far.

I hate them!

seven of seven said...

BTW, have you checked out Daily Coyote lately? She posted pics of MC. Yowza!

Talk about hot flash!