Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dental visits in my future

I got my new crown yesterday and then had a consultation to go over what other work needed to be done. $3307 worth. After my insurance pays. Yep. I went back in today and had two fillings done. Next week I get two more. Then we are looking at the expensive stuff. Two crowns on both sides of the top back, four in all, have to come off, teeth filled, and new crowns put back on. Hopefully none of them will need root canals, because only one of them has had one in the past. As you can guess, I am really looking forward to this. No trips to anywhere in my near future. Just another reason to jack up the EBAY sales for this shopping season. I did just send out two suits today, from the store, so it is time to get the auctions going. Wish me luck!

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