Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Honey the Calico Cat

Mom and I took Gabriel for a walk Sunday, before Mason's party. We hadn't gotten far before I saw a pretty calico cat headed our way. I called to her and she sauntered right up to me. Mom picked up Gabriel because he usually wants to eat cats that are out and about. She followed us for awhile, galloping ahead and then waiting for us. We finally left her behind, but she showed up on our way back to the house. Mom called a neighbor, to see if she belonged to the house with a dozen cats, and was told that they were trying to get rid of her. Uh oh.

I went out a little later and she came up and we sat on the porch, communing a bit. Mom looked outside and said "Bring her in." I did. She started exploring the house and Gabriel just trailed behind wherever she went. She mostly ignored him. Finally Mom sent me out for the fixin's, litter box, litter, food and flea treatment. When I got back we set her up in the laundry room and closed the sliding door and left for Jeff's.

Mom told everyone she had a new cat, so of course James and Denise had to stop by to meet her after the party. When we get home, the laundry door has been opened about 4 inches and no little cat is to be found. I figured if she didn't come running to meet us, it was because she had gone out the doggy door. I went a couple of house down and sure enough she comes running out to meet me!

The laundry door does have a latch, so Mom will just have to be sure it is secure before she leaves, because she definitely doesn't want her outside anymore. She is one smart cookie. She and Gabriel share Moms lap. She has swiped at him when he is too excited, but I trimmed her claws so no real harm done. He keeps coming back for more.

She is very oriental looking with long legs and a pointy face. She talks whenever people are out of sight, calling for company. Very sweet.

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