Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got here late Friday night. I hit a few yardsales yesterday morning while Mom stayed home to wait for her lawn guy. When I got back we went to pay for this months meals at the church. Then we got on the computer and got her tickets to NY and back for the Rome trip at Christmas, and made reservations for Mom and Brian at St Peter's apartment in Rome. We still have to get the one for down south. We planted the plants I brought for her garden and were just finishing up when it started to sprinkle. Denise and James invited us for dinner at 5, Mom went to church first and then we played a hand of Dummy Rummy before heading to Jeff's to see Mason. He had had his bath and was snuggled up in Vicki's arms. Didn't want anything to do with the rest of us, but I did get some pictures.

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