Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost Sick

Not quite sick, but almost. I woke up yesterday with a sneezing fit and by the time I finished yard sales and my runs to Cvs for Karen, I was worn out. Turns out I was running a bit of a fever, and just achy all over. Went to bed around 4 pm, but I kept popping up to do wierd stuff, like blog. I usually run about 97.6 temp, and it has been up around 99.2 last night and so far today. I have a horrid headache, in the top of my head, not my sinuses. Need to investigate that. Haven't had much to eat, and don't feel like eating any more. That might be a good thing!

It is only 2 pm, but I may be going back to bed with a book or two. Toodle loo.

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