Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I have an excuse.


It was thundering and lightning and wet. So I shut down the computer after listing two more boxes of books. So there.

Sunday I did a trip to Aldi's and Cvs. Suprise!

Turkey tenderloins, carrots, storage containers and brown sugar for $16.34 at Aldi's.

4 softsoap spa body wash, 2 lady speedsticks, one fusion razor, 2 pkgs Glucerna snack bars, and a Mt. Dew, which somehow didn't make it into the picture, for $3.47 oop. The softsoap spa is this months free ECB special, and I grabbed them because they have a tendency to disappear after the first few days and never make it back into stock.


Today I did my Kroger run, needing Kitty Litter.

Kitty Litter, Progresso Soup, Biscuits, Deli Meat, 3 Fuze Slenderize drinks, mustard, and sugar cookie mix for$8.47. The cashier said "Wow".

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