Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CVS and Walgreens again

I have been making money this week, because I had some great CRT coupons and Walgreen has a special RR deal. Walgreen's Register Rewards are actually Manufacturer sponsered, just like CVS ECB's, but they have their own little quirks. This week if you buy 2 Aveeno products, you get $2 RR, 3 =$4 RR and 4=$10 RR. They also have it on sale 20% off.
I read that there were $2 coupons in a book of beauty coupons at K-Mart, which is next to my CVS in W.F., so I grabbed a handful of the booklets. The small Aveeno tube was $2.63 on sale, making a total of $10.52 -8.00 in coupons = $2.52, but generating $10 RR. I have done this 3 times this week. The tax was .82 for a total of 3.34 X 3= $10.02 but I now have $30 in RR. The quirk in RR is that I can use them to buy more Aveeno, but if I do, another one will not be generated. If I use them to buy something from another manufacturing company, that is also generating RR, it will work. I can use them on something that is in their rebate book, or just spend them like cash, but once you get started, you just want to roll them over!

I got a new $25 gift card for CVS from MY POINTS and thought we should keep track of how far it goes this time. I had bought the above Alavert before the card came, so it won't count, but I have to tell you about it. There were $4 printable coupons available on the internet, and I had a $2 CRT from CVS. They are on sale this week for $6.99, and are generating $4 ECBS. Oh yeah. So I paid 1.05 and got back $4. -----$2.95 profit plus the Walgreens profit above puts my total at $22.93 profit so far.

I had a $5 duracell CRT, and a $2 Dove CRT. I still had a $4 coupon on the Alavert. Before this first deal on my new card, I had 2, 4, and 3.99 ECBs. The duracell had a peel-off .50 coupon. I had $1.50 coupon on the dove, and I had purchased some earlier so only needed 7.01 for a 5 ECB. (buy 15, get 5)

alavert 6.99-4 +4 ECB

Dove 7.99-2 +5 ECB

Duracell 4.79-5.50

19.77 plus tax put me over $20. I used my 4 off of $20 coupon, the 4 alavert coupon, $7 crts and 2.50 other coupons. I handed over my 2 ecb and paid .84 on my card. I now have a balance of $24.16. I also got 9 in ecbs. 9-2 ecbs and .84 means I made a profit here of $6.16. So the total profit so far this week is $29.09 and it is only Tuesday! My ECBs are now up to 16.99 from 9.99, but that is included in the $29.09 profit.

I want to emphasize this, because that is money that can then be spent on those items that rarely get coupons, like meats and milk. You can say, I never use those things so why would I buy them, but they generate cash like usable income to cover things you do use. Yes, it is work and if you don't enjoy doing it or get a kick out of it, then it probably doesn't have a big enough payoff for you. But if you are like me, it is a game with a little profit built in!

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seven of seven said...

You make me giggle. I'm glad you're having so much fun with this. And, yes, your point about being able to use the CRT (or whatever) for stuff you really do need is a good one.