Friday, April 25, 2008

Tall Maddux of Calif swans

I put the little chapstick between these guys so you would get an idea of their size. They were made by Maddux of Calif and I got them on Ebay after my collection had obviously become a collection! Maddux also did a series of TV lamps shaped like swans. These are the tallest birds in my group so far. They have a white finish and glazed black beaks and eyes. This is under the glaze and won't scrape off, like some of the painted pottery does.

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MammyT said...

If I keep seeing your Show and Tell offerings, I'm going to be looking for swans everywhere I go. I'm really enjoying them.

Muum said...

THese are beautiful, too! I can see why you are collecting them.

Jaderocks said...

What a neat thing to collect. They are so pretty. I really thought they looked larger until I saw your reference to the size. How sweet.

The Apron Queen said...

Those swans are stunning! Awesome!

Ever wonder why people collect roosters? It's becasue they're good luck! Stop by to read the Legend of the Rooster.

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Jewelgirl said...

I'll bet you have Lenox Swans!?
I really like how graceful your swans look, they are gorgeous birds!