Monday, June 2, 2008

CVS- Mom and Denise

I got a phone call yesterday after Mom and Denise got home from their shopping. Denise was pretty proud of herself, because she got $99 worth of stuff for $6. Of course, those are CVS prices, and we frugal folks would never spend that much in the first place, but still, it was a great trip for them and I think enough of a kick to keep them at it. Denise used up some of her ECB's to buy some allergy meds for James, and Mom used up some of hers buying a hairdryer, but she has plenty left over for next weeks deals. They both finished out the June free with ECB deals and made good use of the last day for the 5 off of 15 coupon. I am down to $19 ECB's, so need to do some configuratin' myself!

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