Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lumberjack Kate

I came home early today, and it was the first Tuesday of the month, siren testing time at 10:00. I haven't been around when that happens before. Freaks my youngsters out. Jean-Claude was on my lap, and he took off like a rocket. I will have to keep an eye on them if any other sirens go off.

I spent some time in the back yard forest today, chopping down volunteer maples, black walnuts, and some other fast growing thing. I had worked up a good sweat, came in to cool off and the power went off. I called my neighbor to make sure it wasn't just my house. I don't know how big a section of town was out, but my whole neighborhood was. My bedroom was still pretty cool, because the air had been on in there since I got home from work. I took a cool shower and just laid in bed. I started thinking that it might be kind of hard to get dressed for work in the dark, so got up and started getting things together while it was still light enough to see. It was out for a couple of hours, but all powered up now.

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