Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forgotten Skills

I sold a Cashmere blend blazer today to someone in New York City. She had written offering me $5 less than what I was asking because she was going to have to pay some one at least $20 to hem up the sleeves for her because they were too long. When did we all forget how to sew? What things did your Mother do regularly that you would not have a clue how to do today?

I want to learn more about canning but I knit and crochet and my Mom never learned how. She did teach me to sew, and while I rarely whip out the machine these days, I can certainly hem or sew on a button! I look around at the world today and wonder what would happen if we did have to become more self-reliant for our day to day needs. I understand the economics of scale but the loss of independence is scary, since our dependence is not on one another in a community building sort of way, but on governments and monopolies who really don't care about our real needs.

We become convinced that these powers that be will always provide, but didn't we learn something from Katrina? Myanmar is taking very good care of their people, right? A little time now spent learning some forgotten skills might save us some trouble later.


seven of seven said...

I think it's important that we reflect upon our dependence and our independence. As far as domestic skills go, I never learned how to knit. Apparently, my hands have always been too small.

Kate said...

You do have little hands! Really!