Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Week in Faner

Well, I am finishing up my first week in Faner, and find that I am getting my 10,000 steps in before noon. I walk over a mile and a half just opening up. This is a large concrete building, four floors and 3 connected wings. There is a Museum at the end pictured here, and the Student Center is off the far end. I get to park in the parking garage now, which means no scraping ice this winter and no over heated car this summer. I am wearing my MBT's and definitely noticing some difference in ease of movement. My knees are still popping though!
I was hoping to have a yard sale this week-end, but the weather forecast keeps bouncing around. Hope its cloudy but dry. More swans coming tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hey woman! I miss your smiling face everyday. But, I am happy you are in a "cooler" place. I'll have to come over when the dust settles here and you can give me a tour. I'll be working again tomorrow (Saturday)...Keep in touch.