Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interesting week so far. Murphy visits.

My refrigerator stopped cooling over the weekend and I took items I wished to save to Karen's.  Sassy was sick and I had an appointment for her Monday morning, ( she is still in isolation in my bathroom.)  Then I packed up the freezer items and took them to Karen's so I could defrost mine and see if that solved the problem before I called out a mechanic.  I then went to Faner and visited some people, dropped a book off for a friend and picked up some farm eggs from Terri.  Had my massage and adjustment, then back to Karen's for DWTS.  Tuesday I get home and check on Sassy, then try to go on line and my modem is bad.  I call Verizon/Frontier and they get a new one in the mail.  Meanwhile I still need to print out packing slips and postage for Ebay auctions, so back to Karens I go.  Sassy is still alone, and getting medicine twice a day.  The refrigerator gets plugged in and seems to be cooling.  I try to go into log some of the recent receipts into my budget program, but my computer won't turn on.  Sigh.
I take my computer tower to Happy Toms in Energy and they replace the power button.  I pick it up Wed. afternoon after taking the remaining two cats in for their yearly check-up.and go to Karens to watch the rescue of the miners and pickup some of my food. 
Thursday morning the modem is delivered, I hook up my computer and still can't turn it on.  Back to Happy Toms we go.  I need a new power supply.  He replaces it while I wait and it only costs $31.  Yippee!  I get it home and it works!  Now I have to get going on all these boxes of books that I was supposed to be working on this week, so I can put the culls out in the yardsale on Saturday. 
But first I am going back for another Massage and adjustment.  Long week already.

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