Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Construction

I had to get to SAMs today for cat food, litter and large padded envelopes.  They are widening the road from 4 lane to 6 lane and major construction right at the entrance, so you had to drive around and come in the back way.  Why do we need 6 lanes in little old Marion, IL?  Because the Mall is right there and there is no busier place around.  I get my hair cut at that mall, and I sometimes go into Target, but that is a real danger zone for me.  I can walk out of Wal-mart with only items on my shopping list, but Target nabs me everytime. Other than that, I have no use for a mall. Maybe I will walk there this winter, before it opens.
I went to see the Dr. today about my right knee and we are scheduling a MRI to see what's catching. 
Putting the trash out tonight, one barrel.  Got my first 6 auctions written up for next Sunday, 14 to go!  I made some sweet and sour chicken tonight, with rice.  Yum.  I think I am going to freeze it for later because I don't want any more this week.  I am going to make my fruited chicken salad and use up the greens before they go slimy.  I did finish all the potato salad and have a couple more hard boiled eggs to eat.  Need to boil my last two ears of corn and eat them up.  I think I will make some Salmon patties to round out the week.  I am trying to clean out the refrigerator and transition to fall foods--it was in the low 30's last night!

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