Saturday, October 2, 2010

October '10 goals--Cut down on trash!

My goals this month are going to be cutting down on the trash I put out for pickup and not throwing away any food!  I normally only put out one 33 gallon trash bin every other week, but with the cleaning out the house program I am on it has been one or two containers a week.  I still have lots to take to the recycling and I took some stuff to the pantry yesterday.  It is very disheartening to see what people put out EVERY trash day.  It scares me somewhat, that we are such a wasteful society.  If I didn't keep my cats indoors I wouldn't have the resulting kitty litter disposal problem, but I also would be burying them too soon.  Been there, done that.  I guess I could stop feeding them! 
I am also going to make an effort to avoid items with so much additional packaging, when I can.  Cardboard I can deal with because it is recyclable but that plastic is a killer, and no place around here recycles foam.
A friend of mine has chickens and I can send her the egg cartons to reuse.  Which reminds me, I had two of her eggs left and boiled them and some organic eggs from Kroger.  Boy was it obvious which were which when I sliced them.  The pale yellow egg yolks from Kroger just don't compare.  I am going to try and get all my eggs from her from now on.  And I paid premium price for those store eggs!
I used three of them in my potato salad and will devil the last 4.  Had to use up some potatoes that were getting a little soft!  I used mustard, Mom, so you wouldn't like it!

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